Sago tree - Jubi

Residents Urged to Protect Sago Forest in Sorong

Sago tree - Jubi

Sago tree – Jubi

Manokwari, Jubi – People in Sorong should protect sago forests as a source of local food, a youth leader said.

“Sago forests must be protected and not be destroyed for agriculture and other purposes,” said the Malamoi youth leader, Benny Osok, in Sorong on last week.

He urged all people in Sorong especially the farmers to be aware of the possibility of land being burned.

According to him sago plants are not only local food source, but also protect the water source for the life of local communities.


Therefore, he said, indigenous peoples in Sorong to stop burning or destroying sago plants for other agricultural land.

He further explained sago is the staple food from generation to generation that should be preserved.
“Sago also can be processed into various types of food to be consumed locally and exported to overseas,” he said.

He hopes indigenous peoples to refuse those investors who want to use sago forests as oil palm plantations. (*)

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