Location of new Youtefa Traditional Market (Jubi)

Residents React to Youtefa Market Relocation Plan

Location of new Youtefa Traditional Market  (Jubi)

Location of new Youtefa Traditional Market (Jubi)

Jayapura, Jubi – The Municipal Government’s plan to relocate the Youtefa Traditional Market prompted reactions from  residents during a public consultation held in the Abepura Subdistrict Office on Monday (17/11).

Numbay youth leader, Rudi Mebri asked the related office to review the social, environmental and economic impact towards the residents before and after the market relocation. “BLH Kota Jayapura (Municipal Environment Body) must seriously concern about the environmental impact; that Youtefa Bay was the house for everyone. But now it turned to be a mourning house for three villages. It happened after the Youteva Traditional Market was built,” Rudi Mebri said.

Meanwhile the Tobati Injros Customary Council Chief Luther Drunyi said the government should have a close relationship with the customary council, therefore if there’s a problem, the government could consult the customary leader. “We are ready to accept the development but the customary community must be involved,” he said. Meanwhile a resident Ondi Kareth said about the indigenous Papuans’ involvement in the market construction project. “They must be getting involved. Not because of discipline, they are ignored. They must be getting involved and coached. Don’t let anyone takes their right,” Kareth said.

Meanwhile, the Head of Municipal Trading and Industry Office Robert L.N. Awi said many factors have triggered the market reallocation, including the topography problem that has harmed the traders and government.
“The feasible study reported the current location has not been feasible for the market because it has two rivers to contribute in the flooding when the density of rain was very high,” Awi


Meanwhile the Head of Municpal BLH, Ketty Keilola said the public consultation is the follow up action to collect the public aspiration related to the initial plan to reallocate the Youtefa Market by the Municipal Cooperation, Trading and Industry Office.
“There would be an equal partnership’s opinions come from the community representatives, included customary, government, social and environmental representatives,” Keilola said.

As reported earlier, the Jayapura Municipality Government was planning to reallocate the Youtefa Market. The new location is located near the former location, precisely in front of ‘lapangan tembak’ near the Budha Vihara. The market construction would be started in January 2015 and would be completed for about two years. If everything goes well, the reallocation would be held in 2017. (Sindung Sukoco/rom)

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