Public Hospital of Wamena -

Residents Complain of Lack of Health Workers

Public Hospital of Wamena -

Public Hospital of Wamena –

Wamena, Jubi – Residents in Hubikosi , Jayawijaya, have complained to the Health Department about the absence of health workers in there since December.

“Health workers and doctors have not come to the work. So we reported to the department,” said secretary of the Health Care Forum (FPK), Ibrahim Kosi in Wamena on last week.

Since that time there was no service in the clinic and people who seeked treatment was overwhelmed.

Secretary of department of Health Jayawijaya, Sem Beay promised to call the head and staff of the health center. It was informed that the officers were not in health centers because they has not come back from the village or town since Christmas and New Year holidays.


A resident of Hubikosi district, Siska Hilapok expressed her disappoinment on the lack of medical services in health centers. According to her, the reason the officer is still on holiday seemed to legitimize laziness officers ‘ to extend’ vacation time.

Head of Hubikosi health centers (Puskesmas), Markus Rumere when confirmed by Jubi stated his staff and doctors did not come to the work because of the lack of vehicles.

Information collected by Jubi found out that at the beginning of each year, there were no medical officer at the health center due to christmas and the new year holidays. Early 2015 also faced similar complaints of citizens and at that time Puseksmas was blocked. (Wesai H/Tina)

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