Yowari Hospital, Jayapura. -Jubi/Engel

Residents Complain about Yowari Hospital’s Service

Youwari hospital (Jubi/Engelbert Wally)

Youwari hospital (Jubi/Engelbert Wally)

Sentani, Jubi – Residents have expressed unhappiness about the poor service of Youwari hospital.

“We are very disappointed with the service. As patients, we can’t stand it and don’t see any good treatment in this hospital,” Bram Seserai, one of the hospital’s patients, told Jubi on Saturday ( 01/17).

He said there was no separation between male and female patients in the in-patient ward, no running water in the bathroom and patients have to purchase drugs outside by themselves,  he explained.

Yowari hospital Director, Dr. Frans Sigala acknowledged the water system often has problems during the rainy season. The system was built seven years ago.
“Actually, male and female rooms are separated except in the Emergency Room because it is more focused on emergency services,” he said.


Meanwhile, about the injecting drugs, he said it was depending on the type of illness.
“The hospital only accept patients who use the services of health care card and  patients have buy certain medicines that  are not available  in the hospital and of course the prices are a bit expensive,” he said. (Engelbert Wally/ TN)

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