Residents Complain about Power Blackouts


Jayapura, Jubi – Jayapura residents have started complaining about frequent blackouts in the city.

Power blackouts are too frequent, and often happened without prior notice, causing cancellations or delays in  events, said an Entrop resident Yassin.
“PLN (State Electricity Company) must not play with  power outages. But in terms of payment, we are forced to pay on time.  If we don’t, they’ll disconnect the service. This is not fair and awful,” Yassin said.

Similar with him, the Papua Pos journalist Mansar Yewun said he was very disappointed with the electricity blackouts, because they disrupted his work and forced him to wait until the light on and go home late.

“When power is dead, I have to wait until it’s on again. Though I could go home at two, I’ll be late and go home at three. If we called 123 (PLN hotline service), we felt like being interrogated, we can’t have prompt service,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Manager of PT PLN Jayapura, Merry Lauw admitted the company is currently doing maintenance and repairs on the electricity power generator in Jayapura area. “We hope it will finish soon. We will complete it within this week and the service will return normal,” Lauw said. (Sindung Sukoco/rom)


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