Rice for Civil Servants - Suplied

Residents Complain about Poor Quality of Rice for Civil Servants

Rice for Civil Servants - Suplied

Rice for Civil Servants – Suplied

Jayapura, Jubi – Jayapura city residents complained about the poor quality of rice intended for civil servants, military and police in Papua.

“It smells musty and also its weighs less. Although the lice are not so many, it really makes the quality of rice bad, ” said Takayetauw, resident of Tanah Hitam when met Jubi in Abepura district on Monday (24/08/2015).

He said rice which should have been received 15kg on the packaging was only 12 kg when weighed.
“I am very disappointed with this, the government should be able to supervise and give serious attention on this case” Takayetauw said.

Arif Mandu, head of Logistic Agency in Papua ( Bulog) claimed that the rice for civil servants and the military, the police in Papua is in good condition with the appropriate weight indicated on the weight of the sack.


According to him when the rice is out of the barn and ready to be distributed to the regencies/ city, it is then the responsibility of the government.
“I hope the district and city will also oversees, as well as representatives from each of the regional work units (SKPD) in each district and the city,” he said. (Munir/ Tina)

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