Residents Complain about Piles of Garbage in Kali Bobo Market


Nabire, Jubi – Nabire residents have expressed displeasure with the piles of garbage in the central market of Kali Bobo, Nabire.

Pramono, one of the traders at Kali Bobo, said the garbage make all traders feel uncomfortable and sick because the smell was so terrible and flies were every where.

He added, the the garbage was last cleaned before Christmas and until now have not been picked again.

Meanwhile, Haji Abdul Majib, residents of Karang Tumaritis market said traders always pay levies to the local government.

“Yet, the cleanliness in the market itself is never considered. The trash is piling up and even taking the road for garbage dumped on the highway. He hoped the local government would pay attention on this case and perform their duties better than previous years,” he said. (Arnold Belau/Tina)


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