Victims were bring to hospital by Police (Jubi)


Victims were bring to hospital by Police (Jubi)

Victims were bring to hospital by Police (Jubi)

Jayapura, 15/3 (Jubi) – Group of police officers was accused stabbing a resident at the futsal court in Kalibobo region of Nabire Regency, Friday (14/3).

A witness who declined his name to be published explained that the incident was occurred because of a drunken youngster came to the futsal court asking for money to an officer of mobile brigade. The officer told him to go away, but he refused. Throwing stones to the playing court made some officers more upset and started to beat him. The problem has becoming uncontrolled when his siblings and people around the court came to help him. The dispute has resulted a resident was being stabbed by the officers and a burning of car and motorcycle by people.

The Chairman of Paniai Customs Council, John Gobay, told another version. He said the incident at the futsal court of Kalibobo was occurred around 18:00 Papua time and started by five drunken youngster who came and disturbed some mobile brigade officers while playing futsal. “The officers were upset then beat and stabbed one of five men. The victim’s name was probably David Kobogau,” Gobay through his short message on Friday (14/3).

He further added that after the stabbing, a group of residents came to the futsal court and burned two motorcycles belong to the officers. “To respond this situation, the officers shot some fires. But we don’t know whether there are people who got shot,” he said.


Meanwhile Chief Police of Nabire, Adjunct Senior Commissioner Tagor Hutapea said there was five youngsters came to the futsal court mugging people who were playing. When being asked by an officer, they even challenged him and set fire on the two motorcycle. “Our officers were fighting them back. And finally, one of them was being stabbed and two others were being beaten and hit by the riffle butts,” Tagor said by phone on Friday night (14/3).

He further said that the police has been arrested a resident who accused burning the motorcycle and would investigate this incident. “We still don’t know who did it. Currently the victim is still in the Government Hospital of Nabire,” he said. (Jubi/Indrayadi TH/rom)

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