A demonstration by Papuan Students to support Yason Ngelia (Jubi)


A demonstration by Papuan Students to support Yason Ngelia (Jubi)

A demonstration by Papuan Students to support Yason Ngelia (Jubi)

Jayapura, 4/2 (Jubi) – Jason Ngelia, Coordinator of the student, the youth and the people movement (GeMPaR) Papua who was allegedly doing the persecution of StenlySalamahu, his campus mate accept the decision of the judge for 3 months in jail.

“The District Court Level IIA Abepura, Jayapura who has tried cases with defendants Jason Ngelia has violated Article 351, paragraph 1 of the KUHP has been presenting witnesses Stenly Salamahu and Noverius,” said Joko Waluyo, when the judge read out the verdict while Members of Jason Ngelia.
The judge’s verdict that the defendant was convicted in the article stated for that Tribunal judges agreed with public prosecutors that the elements of Article 354, paragraph 1 have been met. “Dropping a criminal offence to Jason Ngelia for three months,” said JokoWaluyo again in the trial of this case.
Jason Ngelia himself accepts this ruling. Therefore, there are two days left of detention for Jason. February 6, 2014 later, Jason will be able to breathe the air of freedom again.
This trial leads by Chief Justice, Infaindan, judge Andrianus members, Marko Erari and Joko Waluyo. The Prosecutor’s ruling, Veronika o. In the court yard before the trial began, the students carrying banners lineup looks unlawfully: free Jason!
“Thanks to God, this problem through a long process and I finally get out. This is also a good experience for me, how to get wiser stepped forward again in taking a decision, “said Jason Ngelia to tabloidjubi.com after the trial in Abepura, Jayapura District Court on Tuesday (4/2).
Related denial accompanied by lawyer on trial several times, Jason says there has been a previous communication with the lawyer but it is not satisfactory for Jason and while on the other hand his has been building communication with family mediation in an effort to Stenly settlement of this problem. (Jubi/Aprila/Frans)

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