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Regulation on West Papua Province DOBs Being Drafted

Ilustration - Jub

Illustrated – Jubi

Manokwari, Jubi – The Indonesian Government and Commission II of the Indonesian House Representative are drafting a regulation on ten proposed autonomy regions in West Papua Province, said Vice Governor Irene Manibuy on Monday (22/2/2016).

Ms. Manubuy said overall there are 87 proposed autonomy regions (DOB) in Indonesia, both at provincial, municipal and regional levels, 10 of which are in West Papua Province.

The 10 DOBs are Manokwari Municipality, Manokwari Barat Regency, Imeko Regency, Kokas Regency, Raja Ampat Utara Regency, Raja Ampat Selatan Regency, Maybrat Souw Regency, Malamoy Regency, Moskona Utara Regency and Papua Barat Daya Province.

“The ten proposed regions are basically ready to be established, because it is already in the stage of preparation of regulation drafting,” she told reporters after attending an event held by the Amanat National Party at a hotel in Manokwari.


According to her, the region split would be done in two stages. The first Presidential Mandate would be issued for 65 new regions and the second mandate would be issued for other 22. She confessed not knowing which regions become priority of both government and parliament. However she expected the region split could be done within 2016.

“I entrusted the aspiration to the Chairman of People’s Assembly, Zulkifli Hasan, to participate enforcing the ten proposed regions in West Papua Province to become priority in the plenary session of the House of Representative,” he said.

She hoped both central and regional governments and the Indonesian House of Representative would synergize in materializing the new regions, especially for West Papua Province regions. She considered the DOBs is people’s aspiration to be fought by legislators of the Indonesian House of Representative.

“Therefore it would rely on how the parliament build a synergy to the government, in particular to fight for region split in West Papua province,” she said. (*/rom)

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