Jigibama traditional market in Wamena, jayawijaya District - Jubi

Regional Heads Must Not Rely on Provincial Assistance, says Legislator

Jigibama rraditional market in Wamena, jayawijaya District - Jubi

Local traders at Jigibama traditional market in Wamena, Jayawijaya Regency – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – Papuan legislator Pendis Enumbi warned governments at the local level not to rely on provincial assistance in carrying out economic development programs.

Enumbi, who’s member of Commission II of Papua Legislative Council for economy affairs, said it is difficult to develop the community economic development program if only expecting the provincial budget assistance. “How could they develop the people centered economic program without budget? Both regional and municipal governments must have similar programs with provincial government. The governor also need to control those in the regional governments; whether their programs are connected with provincial programs,” Enumbi said on Wednesday (10/2/2016).

According to him, the regional and municipal governments should not only focus to build the infrastructures, but they need to create a program to develop the people’s economy. Furthermore, the local people are mostly farmers, breeders and fishers. “The regional heads must be aware on this situation and think about community economic development program rather than magnificent buildings. The economic development is important,” he said.

He further said the regional and municipal governments must also provide facilities for community economic agents, such as a market for selling the local commodities. “Regional and municipal programs must connect with provincial programs,” he said.


Earlier, Papua Governor Lukas Enembe announced the five economic policies of Papua Province in 2016, which are (1) to endorse the good quality economic growth and to materialize the sustainable natural resources management to support the community economic development, (2) to increase the income rate of customary community, (3) to materializer the conducive climate for investment by the provision of relief and incentive to encourage the creation of equal employment, (4) to optimize the development of the sectors of marine, agriculture, cultivation and tourism, as well as the sectors of trade and services towards the independence Papua for investment, and (5) to encourage the economic development at rural levels through Prosepek Program (Government’s Program for Village Development) in synergy with the village allocated funds program by Central Government.

“In addition to encourage the economic development, said Enembe, the main priority of development target as the basis for the elaboration of regional operation strategy must refer to and fulfill the ‘Nawacita’, nine points of the national development agenda,” said Governor Enembe in Papua Regional Budget 2016 on last year. (Arjuna Pademme/rom)

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