Papuan Women traders at temporary market - Jubi

Regent Urged to Protect Papuan Women Traders

Papuan Women traders at temporary market - Jubi

Papuan Women traders at temporary market – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – The head of Community and Social Welfare of Secretariat Papua, Naftali Yogi, urged local governments to create regulations to protect Papuan women traders in improving their social economic conditions.

He said people’s welfare indicators are education, health, infrastructure and economic empowerment.

Especially populist economic empowerment for Papuan women traders, Governor Lukas Enembe already made the policy by building a market and providing them the opportunity to do business.
“It will become a model. The regents also need to follow up on the governor’s policy, because the approach is the development of a cultural approach, “he stated last week.

According to him, most of them work hard to fulfill the needs including education.
“There should be a concern of the government. The governor has started, the regents also have to do the same. Moreover, now 80 percent of special autonomy funds in the regencies / city. Only 20 percent in the province. All the funds have been distributed to regencies/city,” he said.


He said, there needs to be a serious concern of the government to empower those women, This is important, especially to decision-makers in the regencies/city.

The chairman of the MRP, Timothy Murib said, there needs to be a new regulation for the improvement of people’s economy particularly for Papuan women. Regulation over the years, did not help much populist economic development in regencies / city.
“Regulation that is now to be changed. It is expected there are activities that favor the economic development of indigenous Papuans to be better, as economic actors in their respective areas,” said Murib.

He hoped that all commodities in Papua are developed and become a serious concern in the future. yet of course must be supported by regulation of populist economic development of native Papuans. (Arjuna Pademme)

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