Regent Urged To Learn Laws


Biak, Jubi – Regents in Papua have been asked to learn Law No. 23 of 2015 on Regional Government and Law No. 5 of 2015 on Civil Administrative State.

“Each regent has to learn about the new law in order to perform their duties well,” governor of Papua Lukas Enembe told reporters in Biak, Papua on Monday (02/03/2015).

Enembe said Law No. 23 regulates authority, hierarchy, and so forth. To that end, the regent is not allowed anymore to directly go to Jakarta, but all under the control of the governor.”I have not read, but we will read it “he said.

According Enembe, this is the delegation of authority to the governor of the Central Government. Then there is also the authority given to the provincial and regency / city with Law No. 5 of 2015 on Civil Administrative State.

“So now the regent could form his own team and do not have to coordinate to the province and Jakarta to induct or even appoint the regional secretaries and Echelon II,” Enembe added.


Therefore, it is important for the regents in Papua to learn the law properly. (Alexander Loen/Tina)

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