Merauke regent, Romanus Mbaraka (Jubi)

Regent Promises to Improve Merauke Hospital’s facilities

Merauke regent, Romanus Mbaraka (Jubi)

Merauke regent, Romanus Mbaraka (Jubi)

Merauke, Jubi – Merauke regent, Romanus Mbaraka, visited the State Hospital and promsied to improve facilities there.

The regent said that many shortcomings were found in the hospital and that the surgery room and other medical facilities should be improved.
“Yes, we will make some improvements in health sector and will be focused in 2015,” he told reporters on Thursday ( 6/11).

“I also visited ICU room. It will be discussed with the Head of Medical office and Director of the Hospital to find better place strategically in order to maximize service to the community, “he said.

He added that in 2015, it will be built as well as the hospital type B for the referral of the patient in the southern region of Papua ie Mappi, Asmat, and Digoel. “We will soon be realized, because this is also one of the programs of the Papua Governor, Lukas Enembe,” he said.


Merauke Health Chief Stephen Osok said the hospital still lacks adequate facilities and efforts will be made to improve it.

Asked about the plan to build a Type B hospital, he said the government has prepared a location. “We have planned it for long time and the governor is paying serious attention to it,” he added. (Frans L Kobun/ Tina)

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