Yahukimo Regent Abock Busup - Jubi

Regent Concerned over the Crashed Aircraft

Yahukimo Regent Abock Busup - Jubi

Yahukimo Regent Abock Busup – Jubi

Jayapura,Jubi – Yahukimo Regent Abock Busup expressed condolences over the incident in which a plane belonging to the Associated Missionary Aviation (AMA) crashed at Lolat Sub-district on Tuesday morning (14/6/2016).

He said the regency had extreme terrain as well as unpredictable weather.

For that reason, he asked to all stakeholders to seriously improve the quality of service and prioritize the safety first. According to him, usually the small planes such as AMA’s started to fly from 5 in the morning to 1 at noon. “After those hours, the weather is turning cloudily, so it’s hard to predict,” said the regent to Jubi by phone on Wednesday evening (13/6/2016).

He hoped the incident would not be repeated and asked to the air transportation authority and each airline to be more careful in arranging the flight schedule.


“The airlines need to be careful with the flight schedule. Do not force to fly in the extreme weather for the safety of passengers and the crews,” he said.

He explained the planes especially passing to sub-district areas are equipped with SSB (Single Side Band). He said he would increase the incentive for all officers at the airport stations at each district to improve their performance.

“I will make sure the increment of incentive for officers at the airports. It is kind of respect for them to work well and be motivated,” he said without explaining the amount.

The plane of Caravan type belong to Associated Missionary Aviation (AMA) with flight number PK-RKC flew from Wamena Airport to Lolat Sub-district, Yahukimo Regency on Tuesday (14/6/2016).

The plane failed in landing and hit a district office and a resident’s house. No fatalities.

A passenger Arifin told to reporter after getting medical check at Wamena Public Hospital on Tuesday (14/6/2016) said the vision of pilot was impaired due to sunlight, so he decided to turn back. But the aircraft flew too low and slipping to the right till it crashed Lolat Sub-district Office and resident’s house.

He said there are a three people in the aircraft, a pilot and two passengers, he and his friend who were in business trip to Lolat Sub-district.
Arifin added the incident caused the plane on fire and left a piece of its back as well as destroyed the buildings.
 From Lolat Sub-district, he said he and his friend were evacuated with Pilatus aircraft of AMA and three local residents who were in the house at the time of incident.

Meanwhile, Erik Kobak (15), one of three victims, was evacuated to Jayapura.

“Erik Kobak is currently hospitalizing at Dian Harapan Hospital, Waena, Jayapura City,” said Director of AMA Papua Djarot Soetanto.

He said the victims are relatively in stable condition, but AMA still wants to ensure their condition after the incident. Meanwhile another four victims, including two passengers are currently hospitalized at Wamena Public Hospital. But overall they are in stable condition.

“Canadian Pilot Brian Potingger is currently among his family at Sentani,” said Djarot.

He said four victims who are currently hospitalized at Wamena Public Hospital, including two passengers Arifin (20 years) and Tarau (50 years) and two local residents Yus Silak (19 years) and Niko Suhun (20 years).

AMA aircraft with flight number PK – RKC departed to Lolat from Wamena to transport the construction materials has crashed at 06:30 Papua time (not 08:00 as reported earlier) while landing.

It hit the local resident’s house and sub-district office and wound three occupants. However, he couldn’t give any detail about the incident.

“It’s out of my authority for telling the cause of incident. We are still waiting for the result of investigation by KNKT,” he said. (Islami Adisubrata/rom)

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