The Family Support Center on Vanimo Hospital (IST)


The Family Support Center on Vanimo Hospital (IST)

The Family Support Center on Vanimo Hospital (IST)

Jayapura , 9/1 ( Jubi ) – Vanimo court today, Thursday ( 9/1 ) has ordered Vanimo police to arrest Chief Vanimo Hospital , Doctor Jimmy Stela. This doctor is arrested for against court order on the investigation into the death of Danny Kogoya.

Bon Amos, Magistrates Coroner in Vanimo court, via cell phone, justified the arrest of the head of the Vanimo Hospital . Amos, Vanimo court officials who issued a report of Danny Kogoya ‘s death as a killing case, said that Vanimo police arrested dr. Stella because she issued the letter on the behalf of which assigning other doctor to conduct autopsy on Danny Kogoya’s body.
It is a contrary to the order of vanimo court and family request.” Ya, the court has ordered Vanimo police to arrest the head of Vanimo hospital. She is arrested around 9.30 today and has been taken to the court . The doctor is arrested because her resiting the court order. The court has ordered dr. Philip Gopak from Port Moresby and a doctor from Srilanka to conduct autopsy, but dr. Stella chose other docter.” said Bon Amos to Tabloid Jubi via cellular phone, Thursday Morning ( 9/1).
Amos also confirmed that the death of Danny Kogoya case is under the jurisdiction of Papua New Guinea ( PNG ), so in this case, anyone should be submissive to PNG court order. “ Danny Kogoya died in PNG. Vanimo court has confirmed that he died killed and has been a court instruction to conduct an investigation and autopsy by a doctor assigned by the court. It is PNG’s jurisdiction. Anyone should not take any action against Danny Kogoya’s body without the knowledge of the court. Although it is from hospital or Indonesian Consulate. Currenlly, the body of Danny Kogoya belongs to the state . ” said Amos.
The information gathered Jubi indicates conspiracy carried out by the Vanimo Hospital with certain parties with an interest in Danny’s body Kogoya. The hospital known has forced Kogoya family have known Danny Kogoya family forced to conduct an autopsy on January 7, 2013. Although it has previously been agreed by both parties that the autopsy should be done no later than January 7, yet it failed to do it on that date. Court-appointed doctors are still on vacation while the doctor appointed Vanimo Hospital could not come because his son had an accident. Because assigned doctor by the hospital could not come, the family forced by the hospital to make sure that dr. Philip Gopak conducted the autopsy on the same day, January 7 because his body must be removed out from Vanimo as soon as possible for carrying deadly virus. Meanwhile the autopsy to determine the cause of death has not been done.
” Because the doctor that they assigned could not come , the Vanimo Hospital gave us two hours to make sure the doctor Philip perform an autopsy. They say, the bodies must be removed from Vanimo for carrying a dangerous disease .” said Jeffrey Pagawak Jubi ( 9/1 ).
According to Jeffrey, after investigating dr. Stella, the court still ordered an autopsy done by doctor Vanimo fixed by Philip Gopak with an independent physician .
” The court has ordered to continue the investigation and an autopsy process conducted by two docters requested by families. The hospital have also been instructed not to take any action against Danny Kogoya’s body without court’s permission. ” said Jeffrey. (Jubi/Victor Mambor/Tina)

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