Rebel Groups 32 Guns from Police in over Past Two Years


Jayapura, – Papua Police Chief Inspector General Police Paulus Waterpauw said rebels seized 32 firearms from police between 2014 and 2015.

The guns include 10 AK 47s, 15 SS 1, 2 stayers and 5 pistols and were largely taken from police stations at remote areas, he said on Monday (3/1/2016).

He said that even though the number of attacks committed by rebel groups decreased, more firearms had been seized by the rebels.

He said he wold take measures to prevent more attacks on police and catch the rebels.

He said he had already released an order to not hire any additional personnel because most of incidents occurred with the help of insiders who already trusted by the officers.


According to him, the attack on the Sinak Police Station, in which the rebel group seized seven police’s firearms, was not separated with additional personnel help.

“Hopefully in the future the officers could be more alert and careful and not recruiting any additional personnel as well,” the Papua Police Chief Paulus Waterpauw said. (*/rom)

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