Former World Champion of WBA and IBF, Mohamad Rahman (Jubi)


Former World Champion of WBA and IBF, Mohamad Rahman (Jubi)

Former World Champion of WBA and IBF, Mohamad Rahman (Jubi)

Jayapura, (17/2) Jubi – Former World Champion of WBA and IBF, Mohamad Rahman, 42, expressed optimism that he will know out his rival, second ranked WBA and IBF Thongthailek Sor Tanapiyo (32 years old) from Thailand before the sixth round.

They have been scheduled to fight in the Boxing World Championship Junior Amateur of 49 Kg for the International Boxing Organization Belt at the Sport Arena Waringin Kotaraja, Jayapura Papua on Friday (21/2) at 19:30 Papua time.
“I had maximum preparation as usual. I am optimistic I will be able to win by KO before the sixth round. I have not watched my rival’s video but I often fought against Thai boxers and I know their types,” said Rachman on Monday afternoon (17/2).

He said the two were fighting for a vacant title of IBO. He said the cost to prepare for the bout is estimated to be  Rp 1 billion and expressed hopes that the local government would chip in.
‘The provincial government should look into this, moreover Papua will be a host of the National Games 2020. If this event is a success, people from other regions will think that Papua is able to organize international sport events so that it must be able to host PON,” he said.

“The National Boxing Board is just a match supervisor. It’s not possible for them to provide funds, instead we have to pay them. I was lobbying Bank Papua but they were not able to participate in this sport while they can do it for other sports. The event’s revenue will not only come from the sponsorship but also from the tickets,” he said.


Meanwhile coach Apolos Kurni said Rahman has been doing some physical and technical exercises since 2 January 2014.
“I don’t see him by his age. Though he is already 42 years old, he is a typical of discipline boxer and his stamina is still stable. He battered his sparing partner who is a national boxer. He still got strong pounces and I am sure that he will winn,” said Apolos.

He also said hoped that the local government could take part in funding the match because it would be the first international boxing championship held in Jayapura. (Jubi / Arjuna/rom)

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