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Quote Increase Offered as Solution to Overcome Scarcity of Fuel in Central Highlands

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Wamena, Jubi – Officials are considering an increase of the fuel quota as a solution to the scarcity of fuel in Jayawijaya and Central Highlands.

The solution was discussed during a meeting between Jayawijaya Council Speaker Taufik Petrus Latuihamallo, Jayawijaya secretary and head of Industrial, Trade and Cooperatives Department (Perindagkop) and Papua governor Lukas Enembe on Wednasday (24/2/2016).

The officials proposed the quote be increased by 875,000 on top of the proposed minimum of 2 million liters per month.

Although it will have implications for fuel subsidies of state budget by increasing the quota, it was considered the most needed in communities.


“For us it’s real need, so we must strive for it. We hope the governor to talk to the Ministry of Energy, “he told Jubi in Wamena on Wednesday (24/02/2016).

A second solution requiring a study about the proposed price of fuel subsidy by the central government through the state budget and had no specificity for Papua.

“This means that fuel prices are determined by the provincial government of Papua. For example if the state budget set a price of 6,950 rupiah per liter, especially for Papua should be 8,000 rupiah per liter. The difference of price will be recorded in the budget of each region, and it will be used to hold a new fuel, “he said.

“Well we’ve share it to the governor and are is being studied. Although, it would be contrary to the laws of the state budget, because the budget is already set prices, “he continued.

Furthermore Jayawijaya parliament requested that areas which have abundant fuel should be supplied to the mountainous region.

“This is a solution offered to the provincial government. Only the problem that is still faced by Pertamina is who will be responsible for the cost of delivery ?” he added.

Previous requests to the addition of fuel quota for Jayawijaya and Papua’s central highlands have also been addressed by Jayawijaya Society Forum across Papua’s central highlands.

They urged Jayawijaya government to propose the addition of fuel quota to the central government, so that scarcity is not repeated. (Islami/Tina)

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