Traditional mining at Degeuwo, Paniai (Jubi)


Traditional mining at Degeuwo, Paniai (Jubi)

Traditional mining at Degeuwo, Paniai (Jubi)

Jayapura, 16/7 (Jubi) – Public mining sites in Papua are reserved for local communities and not to be used by private companies, said Fred Boray, the Secretary of Department of Mining and Energy in Papua.

“For example, public mining site at Degeuwo, Paniai Regency. We have asked the Regent to withdraw the existing mining permits, because the site is reserved for the local community, not private companies. Currently there are 42 mining companies operating in Degeuwo, but only six have permits,” Boray said on Wednesday (16/7).

He said the mining companies are frequently conducting illegal mining in Nabire, Paniai, Intan Jaya and Deiyai regencies though the mining sites within these areas are set for local communities. He added people should be aware Papuans have limited assets to do the mining with modern equipment; therefore the government should made a concrete solution for the local community.
“We had the governor’s instruction to put them in control. That’s also have been planned since the last governor’s administration. We will write a letter to the local government who arbitrary issue the mining permit,” he said.

In one occasion, the Governor Lukas Enembe stated he would withdraw the permit issued by two former Governors in Charge for approximately 60 companies related to forest management, mining and plantation.
“During the time, it’s about 60 companies of forest management, mining and plantation got the new permit to work in Papua. And finally they dominated all natural resources including land and forest. This mechanism should be regulated for avoiding the monopoly by one group or one company,” Enembe said at that time. (Jubi/Arjuna/rom)


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