Sea cucumber in sauce - wikipedia

PT Sinapura Accused of Fraud

Sea cucumber in sauce - wikipedia

Sea cucumber in sauce – wikipedia

Merauke, Jubi- Commander of lantamal XI Naval Base in Merauke Brigadier General ( TNI) Buyung Lalana accused PT Sinapura owned by Lau Bean of committing fraud by taking sea cucumbers from Papua New Guinea.

Following an investigation, irregularities were found related to the document papers, he said.
Police will question Lau Bean over the ownership of 300 pounds of sea cucumbers .
“We will remain consistent with the applicable laws of the republic,” he said at Fishing Port in Merauke last week.

It is said, the Navy will not be arrogant and continue to provide assurance to all people, including the settlement of legal cases of sea cucumbers.
“Indeed, the state provides the opportunity for everyone to make an effort or activity only do not ever be naughty, “he said.

Admittedly, the evidence in the form of sea cucumbers are still kept and will be used for the court proceedings.


Previously, lawyer of PT Sinapura, Efrem Fangohoy said it has tried as much as possible in order to discuss properly, however it seemed it was not responded well.

Added, a few months ago, investigators of Lantamal XI submitted dossier (BAP) to the District Attorney (Kejari) in Merauke, but was rejected and until now have not been equipped shortage as the instructions given prosecutors. (Frans L Kobun/ Tina)

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