PT. Semen Indonesia To Invest in Jayapura


Sentani, Jubi – The state-run cement company PT Semen Indonesia will soon invest 2 trillion rupiah to produce 1.4 million tons of cement in Jayapura by 2020.

“There is plenty of natural resources, including raw materials available. The land will be prepared for office, residential and plant construction,” regent of Jayapura Matius Awoitau said in the office after chairing a joint meeting of the Company Investment Regions (Prusda) of Jayapura on Tuesday, (17/02/2015).

The government will sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with PT Semen Indonesia next week.
“We are intense communication in order to prepare everything related to the implementation of the feasibility study of PT Semen Indonesia,” he said.

He also said that beside PT. Semen Indonesia, another company has expressed its interest in building a container port in Depapre district. “Surely it would cooperate with the Company Investment Regions (Perusda), so that the development will run smoothly,” he said.

Meanwhile Hengki Yoku, as the Board of Trustees of Perusda confirmed that the local government plans to do MoU. He hoped that this plan can be executed as soon as possible following with the rules and technical implementation.
“It is a good chance because through this investment there are many advantages that can be gained, “he said. (Engelberth Wally/ Tina)


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