Yerisiam Tribes marked their land - Jubi

PT Nabire Baru to Leave Yeresiam Customary Land

Yerisiam Tribes marked their land - Jubi

Yerisiam Tribes marked their land – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – Activists urged the oil palm company PT Nabire Baru to vacate the land of indigenous tribe Yeresiam Gua because it threatens the existence of the customary community who depend on forest and land.

“PT Nabire Baru should leave the customary land Yeresiam,” said Melianus Duwitau, the Student Independent Forum activist in a speech to support Yeresiam Tribe to sue the Decree No. 140/2008 about Business Permit issued for PT. Nabire Baru at Jayapura District Court on Tuesday (26/1/2016).

Duwitau said the company has violated against the right of customary community. It invaded, stole and destroyed the forest that is the resources of local economic. This invasion made people losing their forest and land for livelihood.

“The Company does not only destroy the nature, but also indirectly kill the local people. People could not sustain their life. Furthermore, it conducted the physical action by security forces. Not just stealing but also killing,” he said.


Duwitau asked the customary people to be united to reject and expel PT Nabire Baru. “The Company does not care whether people live or die. It only thinks about profit. We should expel the company like this,” he said.

Nauren Ikinia, Independent Forum activist, represented Yeresiam women said the company’s act to not respect the community rights has become a bad history. The local community would be destroyed because of the company system that only thinks about profit.

“We don’t want to be killed by capitalism. We do not want someday people said in this place (Papua) there were dark skinned and curly haired people,” she firmly rejected PT Nabire Baru to operate in Customary Land of Yerisiam Tribe. (Mawel Benny/rom)

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