The Papua Legislative Council's speaker, Yunus Wonda - Jubi

PT. Freeport Should Not only Accommodate Interests of Central Government, Councilor Says

The Papua Legislative Council's speaker, Yunus Wonda - Jubi

The Papua Legislative Council’s speaker, Yunus Wonda – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – A member of the Papua Legislative Council, Wilhelmus Pigai, warned PT. Freeport not to singularly accommodate the interests of the central government.

Freeport must also explicitly attend to the interests of Papua province, Mimika government and the owners in the work contract extension, he said.

He further said in the work extension contract of PT. Freeport, it should involve Papua province, Mimika government and customary rights owners.
“Not only the central government’s interests are accommodated but also the people of Papua so that the economic benefits delivered by President Jokowi can be felt by them,” Welhilmus said via text message to Jubi, Tuesday (14/7/2015).

According to him, PT. Freeport Indonesia must provide significant economic benefits that will not be considered to trigger social conflict and human rights violations against the people of Papua including the Amungsa and Komoro people.


Furthermore he added, the legal basis must be considered is the Papua Special Autonomy Law, in which also regulate the mining sector.

Meanwhile in the last presidential election, President Jokowi got most votes in Papua. Therefore, he must keep peoples’ trust by consistently implementing Special Autonomy Law. All regulations that are contrary to the Special Autonomy Law, to be canceled and make adjustments to the Papua Special Autonomy Law.

Separately, spokesperson of DPRP Yunus Wonda said, central government must involve all stakeholders such as provincial government, Mimika regency and indigenous peoples in the discussion of the work contract. (Arjuna Pademme/ Tina)

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