PT Dwikarya’s Employees Allegedly Involved in Illegal Liquor Supplies


Merauke, Jubi – Merauke Regent Romanus Mbaraka suspected PT. Dwikarya’s employees might be involved in illegal overseas-branded liquor sales in Merauke because there’s a possibility to build a connection with the ship crews to transfer those liquors to the ground.

“The company might not run the illegal liquor business, but its employees might certainly be involve in this business. Because there’s a possibility to get connection with the ship crews to pass the liquors and sell it on the ground,” the regent told reporters at his office on Tuesday (10/2/2015).

Related to the result of prompt inspection to Wanam and Wogikel villages by the Regional Leaders Forum (Muspida) which found no illegal liquors were circulated, he assumed those people have already got information about the inspection, so they have cleaned those things out before the team was coming. However, he had some efforts and committed to do the massive restriction.
“I have said to the Wanam villagers about giving them time for a month. Concretely I will carry my own way later,” he said.

Besides restricting the circulation of overseas illegal liquors and foods, he will also control the leisure places and prostitution in both villages to protect their youths.
“Yes, we will do further checks on the owners of leisure places including illegal prostitution. We would find out who’s behind them in detail. They will process in accordance to the law once they were founded,” he firmly said.

Merauke Legislative Council Chairman Kanizia Mekiuw asked PT. Dwikarya to concern on fish purchasing with the local community and not to get involved with illegal overseas liquor supplies. (Frans L Kobun/rom)


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