Deiyai regent is signing a letter of statement to expel PT. Dewa Putera Paniai from Deiyai regency – Jubi/Philemon Keiya

PT Dewa and Brimob asked to leave Deiyai


Deiyai regent is signing a letter of statement to expel PT. Dewa Putera Paniai from Deiyai regency – Jubi/Philemon Keiya

Deiyai, Jubi – In a parliamentary plenary session, Wednesday (August 23) the Regent and Deiyai Parliament ​​had agreed to expel PT Dewa Putra Paniai and Brimob (mobile brigade) troops from the region.

The decision was taken at the open plenary session of Deiyai ​​Regional House of Representatives (DPRD) in the local parliament office hall, related to the shooting case in Oneibo village, Tigi district, Deiyai, August 1, which killed Yulianus Pigai (30) and injuring 16 others.

The meeting was chaired by Deiyai ​​DPRD Chairman, Yunias Edoway, attended by Deiyai ​​Regent, Dance Takimai; Paniai Police Chief, AKBP. Supriyagung; the 13 members of Parliament; Deiyai Regional Secretary, Marten Ukago;, Assistant Regional Secretary of Deiyai; Sector Police Chief pof Tigi, Ferry M. Mahue; religious leaders, women leaders, traditional leaders, the Regional Indigenous Council of Deiyai, as well as other local community.

Chairman of Deiyai Parliament Special Committee, Alfred Pakage, said the special plenary session relate to the demand of Deiyai people through People’s Solidarity for Humanitarian Concern of Deiyai ​​(SPKRD) by holding a peaceful protest on Monday (August 21).


“In the peaceful action of the people ​​it conveys two things for us to tackle, they asked us to stop all activities of PT. Putra Dewa Deiyai ​​Paniai by revoking the business license of the compan in the districts and urged Papua Police Chief to immediately withdraw  thBrimob unit from Deiyai,” said Alfred Pakage to Jubi, after the plenary session.

He supported the aspiration and asked Regent of Deiyai ​​and Police Chief of Paniai to process the demand as soon as possible.

“Today we agreed to expel PT. Putra Dewa Deiyai ​​Paniai and Brimob units from Deiyai ​​district by signing the letter of statement,” he explained.

He also said that DPRD and government will guard the legal process of the alleged shooters that are being investigated by police internal mechanism.

Regent of Deiyai, Dance Takimai, prior to the signature on the statement, acknowledged that Deiyai ​​bloody tragedy is a fact and Brimob personnel were the perpetrators on after being called by the bridge construction foreman at Oneibo bridge site. There is no cover-up, he said.

“It is a fact, we both reject (expel) the company and Brimob from Deiyai. I ask all of us to maintain the security among us,” explained Dance Takimai.

He said the letter of statement is a joint letter by Regent of Deiyai and the parliament, ​​then signed by Alfred Pakage as chairman of ​​Parliament Special Committee; Markus Mote, secretary of the committee; and to be informed Junia Edoway as Chairman of Deiyai Parliament; Dance Takimay, as the Regent Deiyai, and Superintendent. Supriyagung, as Police Chief Paniai. (*)

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