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Wednesday, 18 November 2015 - 19:07 WIB

PSW YPK Biak Criticizes Education Office Head

Biak, Jubi – Regional School Management (PSW) Chief of Christian Education Foundation (YPK) in Biak, Markus Msen slammed the Head of Biak Numfor Education Office, Loth Yensenem, for reallocating the development of three classrooms that previously planned for SMP YPK I Biak to SMP YPK Rut Yuneres over objections from the school and PSW.

“He wanted to build the classrooms at the location of teachers’ houses, which are still in good condition and being occupied by the ex-principal and a school teacher.

So he wanted to evict those houses. Because of we objected his plan, then he reallocated the construction to SMP YPK Rut Yuneres,” Markus Msen told Jubi at his office on last week.

In addition, he said there must be a time span given to the two teachers for taking their stuffs and finding the other houses before eviction. But the head couldn’t wait; he unliterary changed the plan.

Msen said he has also offered him also offered him an unoccupied location within the school area, but his suggestion was denied.
“If he didn’t want to build it, he shouldn’t divert it. And if he respects the foundation, he should accept what have been suggested by YPK. But he didn’t, he still holds his principle, he said he doesn’t care about anyone,” said Msen.


Further Markus Msen expected the Biak Numfor Regent Thomas Alfa Edison Ondy to pay attention to this problem, and reprimands the Head of Education Office for what he did to PSW YPK in Biak. “As the PSW Chief who manage the YPK schools in Biak, my suggestion should be accounted. But he didn’t respect me. He was authoritarian and

even he told me at my office that it’s his authority so he couldn’t be told. So I said go ahead,” he said.

Until this news was published, the Head of Biak Numfor Education Office, Loth Yensenem could not asked related to his decision to reallocate the construction of classrooms to SMP YPK Rut Yenures. (Marten Boseren/rom)

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