Provincial Government Urges 11 Regencies to Create Favorable Climate



Jayapura, Jubi – The provincial government urged authorities in 11 regencies that will carry out simultaneous local elections to create a climate for security and peace.

“We encourage all 11 regencies to maintain stability and security so that the election process run well,” assistant I for governance at the provincial office, Doren Wakerkwa, said in a special meeting in Jayapura on last week.

About 11 districts grants to the Commission, it is clear Doren, despite fewer new funds were set up by each district, and it will be added after the establishment of 2015 budget amendment.
“The budget for the Election Commission will be enough. Except the budget for election process will be done only procedures and mechanisms must be in accordance with statutory provisions,” he said.

He said in organizing the budget, there are major budget and changes. Therefore, the budget for the elections is certainly determined by each region and will be added after the budget amendment this year.
“Provincial government continues to encourage the 11 regencies to back up the election budget, both for the cost of security and the Supervisory Committee,” he said.


Previously, Waropen regent, Yesaya Buinei said to succeed the election process of the regent and regent deputy in the region, it has to transfer the entire cash funding of elections to the General Election Commission (KPU).

According to him, it is agreed that the election budget must be transferred to the treasury of the Election Commission.

“The total of budget is Rp19.2 billion. This is in accordance with the collective agreement and it has been disbursed, “Isaiah Buinei said on Sunday (28/06/2015). (Alexander Loen/Tina)

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