Chairman of Parliament of Papua Province (Jubi)


Chairman of Parliament of Papua Province (Jubi)

Chairman of Parliament of Papua Province (Jubi)

Jayapura, 7/1 (Jubi) – the Parliament of Papua consider that the Provincial Government of Papua need to establish the Loans Guarantee Institution for accommodating and connecting the low income people to get the access to finance to the bank.

The Chairperson of the Parliament of Papua, Deerd Tabuni said the establishment of this institution is to facilitate the indigenous Papuans to access the loans from bank but having no asset as the guaranty.
“The provincial government is capable to establish the Loans Guarantee Institution to accommodate the low income people who were not capable to guaranty their assets, can be facilitated when proposing loans to the bank. Thus, this institution can guarantee the Papuans to be accomodated, said Deerd Tabuni, Tuesday (7/1).
According to him, people need to know about the administrative requirements in proposing the loans.
“We need to know the standard for administration procedure, for example, there must be a guaranty. That was one of the administrative requirements. It is to avoid the condition where people can get angry when they are not able to complete the requirements,” he said.
Deerd Tabuni was also appreciating what have been done by the Bank of Indonesia. He hopes the existence of the Bank of Indonesia can help the small and medium enterprises.
“We appreciated the Bank of Indonesia and hope that they can help the indigenous entrepreneurs of small and medium enterprises.  Moreover the parliament has ratified the special regulation of loans for the Small and Medium Enterprises in Papua, further he said.
He added that the people of Papua especially the indigenous Papua should not only wait, but they should be fight and make efforts just like the other else.
“The indigenous Papua should create their self employment, moreover the government has committed to provide the soft loans. However, this commitment should be well monitored so it can still work and help the people,” he said. (Jubi/Arjuna/P Maizier)

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