Cacao farmer in Nimbokrang, West Papua - Jubi

Provincial Government Encourage Local Farmer to Grow Coffee and Cacao

Cacao farmer in Nimbokrang, West Papua - Jubi

Cacao farmer in Nimbokrang, West Papua – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – Papua Provincial Government continue to encourage the local farmers to cultivate coffee and cacao to anticipate market demand for the commodities.

Assistant for Economic and People Welfare Elia Loupatty told reporters in Jayapura on Wednesday (27/4/2016) that currently the price of cacao was at Rp 29,000 per kilogram and road access in Mamta region is already established.

“It is the opportunity for farmers to improve their production, moreover the prices of both cacao and coffee beans at the market are increasing and market demand has been increased,” he said.

To develop these two commodities, said Loupatty, Mamta region is very strategic for cacao plantation, while Papua highland area is very good for coffee. “Coffee beans from the highland area have a unique taste, and the farmer started to expand the plantation area,” he said.


Meanwhile, the Head of Papua Plantation Office John Nahumury said to increase the production of cacao beans in Papua, the provincial government has developed a center of cacao plantation in several regencies, namely Sarmi, Keerom, Nabire and Yapen.

“It is expected the development of the center of cacao plantation could improve the production in Papua,” he said.

In addition to endorse the expansion of plantation areas, said Nahumury, the Plantation Office also encouraged the development of cacao plantation maintenance, because he said the impact of Asean Economic Community would affect to Papua. “We cannot restrict the product to come to Papua, therefore we must be prepared from the beginning,” he said. (*/rom)


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