Freeport's mining area (Jubi)

Provincial Government Awaits Seriousness of Chinese Mining Company

Freeport's mining area (Jubi)

Freeport’s mining area (Jubi)

Jayapura, Jubi – The Papua provincial government is still waiting for assurances from a Chinese mining company, Felix Gold, to build a smelter in Timika.

“Basically, Felix Gold wants to invest in Papua and plans to conduct a survey first. Obviously we do not just wait it out, but we will see progress on smelter construction. Moreover, the position of the governor remains three years, ” head of Energy and Mineral Resources Papua, Bangun Manurung said in Jayapura last week.

There will be a stage of initial talks, but the provincial government has a target to be achieved. If within the certain period, there is no further discussion or agreement, the government would give a chance to another company to build a smelter.
“We are waiting for their seriousness to follow up on the MoU. We will give them a time frame, “he said.

According to him, in July 2015 exports period of PT Freeport Indonesia will end, so that it hoped before July, the discussion with Felix Gold company would be final and has a clear concept and planning.
“Before July it has to be fixed, otherwise other investors could build a smelter in Papua,” he said.


Previously, Papua Governor Lukas Enembe said he had done his first meeting with the China Development Bank and China Gold International Resources Corp which was then continued to develop cooperation with several companies. As a result, provincial government signed MoU with company PT Pelisko domiciled in the Province Han Hui of China.

He himself saw an item in a memorandum of understanding which was quite interesting, including an investment from the Han Hui provincial government.
“This is the first step revival of industries in Papua, specially the agreement of investment in the construction of a smelter in Papua, both copper and gold, “Lukas Enembe said. (Alexander Loen/ Tina)

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