Prosecutor Office Arrests Former Nabire Regent for Alleged Corruption


Jayapura, Jubi – The Papua State Prosecutor Office detained a former Nabire regent, Alselmus Petrus Youw on Monday (9/2/2015).

He was arrested for alleged corruption surrounding the procurement of four generator engines for a diesel-powered electricity plant in 2010, which caused losses of 21 billion rupiah to the state.

Papua Prosecutor Chief Herman Dasilva said the suspect, who is currently a councilor at the Nabire Legislative Council, was taken to at Abepura Prison, Jayapura City, at around 17:00 PM.
“The Prosecutor Office found evidence of the misuse of Regional Budget of 30 billion rupiah. His involvement in this case occurred because of his contribution in signing the agreement. He was summoned twice but never came. We summoned him for the third time and instantly arrested him,” Dasilva said on Monday afternoon (9/2/2015).

According to him, the local Prosecutor Office has examined the suspect, but suddenly he was sick at the time. The investigator of Prosecutor Office allowed him taking a treatment.
“But then we were informed that he is currently a councilor at local parliament. It means he is not sick anymore. Therefore we called him,” he said.

Meanwhile, the suspect’s lawyer Petrus Ohei Timur told reporters he would send a letter to the Papua Prosecutor Office asking a suspension for his client due to his illness. His client got a heart disease and had twice check-up.
After the earthquake stroke in the last 2006, the Local Government of Nabire purchased for generator engines. The project was reportedly amounted thirty-one billion rupiahs; the local government financed twenty-one billion and the rest was covered by consortium.


Instead of the former Nabire Regent A.P. Youw, the case also dragged the former Chairman of Nabire Legislative Council who has been two years in prison, and Nabire Regional Secretary Ayub Kayame and Nabire Second Assistant Umar Katjili. (Arjuna Pademme/rom)

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