Illustration of Immigration office in Jayapura - jubi

Proposed, visa-free for PNG residents entering Papua


Illustration of Immigration office in Jayapura – jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – Papua New Guinea (PNG) citizen who visit Papua is suggested to get visa-free application.

Indonesia’s Consul in Vanimo, PNG, Elmar Lubis said the family relationship has long been established between the two countries, especially in the border region. For that, it is proposed that the PNG people who want to visit Papua to get visa-free entry.

“We have done that already. Hopefully what we have done can tighten relationship between the local community with their families who are now in the territory of Indonesia,” he said in Vanimo, Wednesday (June 14).

Vice Governor of Sandaun Province, John Noss said most residents of PNG in Vanimo are still very close with the people of Arso, Keerom, Papua.


“Although we are different countries, but we are still brothers. I am from Imonda or Walsa and my region shares the International Border with my brother from Arso in Indonesia,” he said.

It is known that they have strong family ties for years. But two brothers had to be separated by two countries.

Nevertheless, he admitted that bilateral relations between the Republic of Indonesia and the PNG Government are strengthened by a number of activities, including trade and investment, security, land and sea transportation and the border.

Sandaun Provincial Government and the Western Sepik (border) community also intend to aggressively build stronger relations with Indonesia.

John added, since 2012, the Government of PNG – RI held a Festival of Friendship Celebration like Running 10 Km on the border of the two countries.(*)

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