Head of BAPPEDA Papua Muhammad Musa’ad - Jubi/Alexander Loen

Program Needs Clear Funding Support, says Official

Head of BAPPEDA Papua Muhammad Musa’ad - Jubi/Alexander Loen

Head of BAPPEDA Papua Muhammad Musa’ad – Jubi/Alexander Loen

Jayapura, Jubi – Papua Regional Planning Development Agency (BAPPEDA) emphasized any government agencies for Papua launched by the State Ministry of National Development Planning (BAPPENAS) must have clear funding.

Head of BAPPEDA Papua Muhammad Musa’ad in Jayapura admitted the agency was actually having the program but they didn’t have specific unit and the budget as well.

“To us, whatever it is, its funding resources must be clear. We have had such a program but not specific unit and no budget as well. Then here comes the Presidential Regulation No. 65/2015 on the Ministry of National Development Planning and Presidential Regulation No. 66/2015 on National Development Planning Agency. The program is here as well as the institution, but no budget,” he said.

Therefore, said Musa’ad, if the Government of Indonesia assessed the establishment of Papua Development Authority (PDA) is suitable for Papua, he expected the funding wouldn’t be managed like UP4B.


“We hope the budget has been prepared from the Central, so the budget would be allocated from the National Budget specifically for the development in Papua, therefore it would be clear. It should have a program compiled by both central and regional governments, and the budget must be allocated,” he said.

Especially for PDA, he explained he has given advised. He wanted BAPPEDA is get involved in that institution.

“So, this institution is belong to us together, don’t let those who involved in this institution are not part of the Regional Government,” he said.

Earlier, despite the failure of the Papua and Papua Barat Development Acceleration Unit, the Government of Indonesia is planning to form another development institution called the Papua Development Authority (DPA).

PDA would have special authority and flexibility in both the management system and implementation of activities for accelerating the development through the synchronization of sectoral development and territorial customary, and by considering the political aspect and the weakness of program management ‘machine’ in the Central Government.

“Its tasks include planning and creating budget policies, delegation, implementation, and controlling,” Rd. Siliwanti, MPIA, Director of BAPPENAS, told Jubi at Training Center of the State Ministry Office in Jakarta, Wednesday (8/6/2016).

Its steering committee would consist of the president, several ministers and the governors of Papua and Papua Barat. The Steering Committee would be assigned to build a political development consensus between the Central Government and Provincial Government of Papua and Papua Barat; to provide general guidance and public policy; and to provide guidance on the implementation and control of development policy; as well as to provide guidance, policy and control over budget management.

Besides to PDA, the Government is considering three alternatives, said Siliwanti.

“There is also a plan to form an institution called Coordination and Strategic Management Agency, that would be under the Ministry of Political, Legal and Security Affairs in order to optimize the performance of ministries or institutions at the central level,” said Siliwanti. (Victor Mambor)

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