Pangrasia Yem (right) - Jubi

Pro-Independence Papua Group Attacked Again in Merauke


???????????????????????????????Jayapura, Jubi – Merauke police have reportedly attacked the National Committee for West Papua (KNPB) secretariat in Merauke at around 20:30 at local time.

While contacted by Jubi, the Chairman of Merauke Regional People Parliament (PRD), Pangrasia Yeem confirmed it.

He said the police came in truck, a car and motorbikes and were fully armed.
“We were ten at the secretariat. We were surprised and had no idea about what they wanted. They just came and told us to leave. If not they would take the offensive action because it’s an order,” Yem cited the officers when they were at Merauke KNPB Secretariat last week.

However, Yeem said both KNPB and PRD Merauke Region would never stop and feel intimidated with such police’s acts against them. “KNPB and PRD would continue their struggle to dismiss colonialism and the invader from the land of Papua,” he firmly said.

Meanwhile, the Central KNPB Spokesperson, Bazoka Logo stated the police’s act was a crime since they disregarded the procedure. “If they wanted to come to the secretariat, why didn’t they come at noon? Why should they come at night? We assumed they were playing a game,” he said. Therefore he asked the Merauke Police to immediately end their efforts to criminalize the KNPB. “Merauke Police must discontinue their stupid acts immediately. For whatever they do, KNPB and PRD at the entire of Papua Land won’t give up. It would still be existed,” said Logo. (Arnold Belau/rom)


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