Principal urged to Discuss School Needs with Head of Asei Kecil Village


Abepura, Jubi – The principal of Inpres Elementary School (SD) in Kleublouw, Andris Puhiri, has been reprimanded  by the head of Teaching and Education of Jayapura regency following complaints about the limited class spaces and damaged desks and chairs.

Puhiri urged head of Asei Kecil village to provide the school with facilities.
“I was scolded by the head of Teaching and Education department several times. He urged me to use the Fund Education and Empowerment Village to build school facilities ,” Puhiri told the Jubi in his room on Monday (10/11).

He said that Kleublouw village is part of Asei Kecil but it is not possible to ask for funds if the government never open and involved the school in managing funds for education. “If there are written rules of the Department of Education or the Regent, maybe they can give help to us,” he said.

When Jubi wanted to confirm this matter, head of Asei village can not be reached.

Meanwhile, head of Yoka village, David Wambolo said the use of Village Development and Empowerment Funds should go through the planning together.
“If you want to use those funds for the procurement of school infrastructure, you should go through joint planning, ” Wambolo explained. (Benny Mawel/ Tina)


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