Principal Must be Honest in Reporting on Absence of Teachers, Education Chief


Biak, Jubi – The head of Education, Youth and Sport of Supiori regency , Philipus Madi,S.Pd, urged all principals to openly report the absence of teacher. He said that there were some unscrupulous principals in  preschools, elementary, middle, and high schools who manipulated attendance reports “Report to me or to the Regional Employment Agency and the Financial Agency regarding to this matter,” Madi said.

He was responding to public complaints  on teachers’ absence on Saturday ( 21/11).
“This practice should not be maintained. It is unfair to teachers who are diligent and always present to teach every day. It is also very detrimental to our education. As a leader I also feel guilty, ” he said.

He said, how come students who have completed primary school but do not know the digestive system of humans, animals, and plants. “It’s very embarrassing. Hence, I ask this should not happen again, ” he pleaded.

“This is a valuable lesson for us. In the future we will tighten in monitoring the presence of the teachers in the school with the community’s help. I also will conduct site visits to schools every month to check the presence of teachers, “he said. (Marten Boseren/ Tina)


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