workshop on Legal Protection for Journalists and Media - Jubi

Press Council: Papua Only Has One Press Expert

workshop on Legal Protection for Journalists and Media - Jubi

workshop on Legal Protection for Journalists and Media – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – If a dispute related to the news occurred at regional level, journalists or media could ask the Press Expert for assistance. Representing the Press Council, the Press Expert is responsible to explain how to deal with journalistic cases, said the Legal Commission Chairman of the Indonesian Press Council, Yosep Adi Prasetyo in the Workshop on Legal Protection for Journalist and Media held at Jayapura Aston Hotel on Monday (15/6/2015).

According to him, a press expert is a representative of the Press Council in case of press dispute at regional level.

The press expert is needed due to limited members of Press Council while the press disputes are unpredictable and likely to increase.

The role of press expert is mentioned in the Regulation No.10 of Press Council about the Statement of Press Council’s Expert. The regulation said “In order to execute the task and role of Press Council in accordance to the Law No.40/1999 about Press and to execute the Supreme Court Circular (SEMA) No.13 dated 30 December 2008 on the request information from expert witnesses, it is applied as the reference of Press Council about the statements of experts from Press Council”.
“Press expert is someone who has special expertise in providing information on behalf of the Press Council. They are certified by the Press Council to provide specific information in press dispute in the court,” Prasetyo said.


According to him, currently Indonesia only has 76 press experts who assist the Press Council in the court related to press disputes. “While the press expert for Papua (including West Papua Province) is only one, that is Victor Mambor. So if fellow journalists encountered a problem related to reporting, please contact him and he will help,” said Prasetyo.

However, he reminded that a press expert could not testify in the dispute at his working place. “If the press dispute was involve Jubi where Victor Mambor works, he could not testify as press expert in the court. Other expert will replace him. It could be someone from outside of Papua,” he said.

Separately, Victor Mambor said one of press issues in Papua that should be addressed is legal entity that runs the press company. “In the article 1 paragraph 4 of the Press Law said journalist is individual who regularly run a journalistic activity. It means as long as the journalist conduct his works properly, he will be protected by Law. But the article 2 mentioned the Press Company is the Indonesian legal entity that runs business of media. Meanwhile, we knew that currently many journalistic activities were running by community and bloggers who are not working for the authorized Press Company,” Mambor said.

According to him, the Press Council recommended the legal entity that able to run the media business is the Limited Corporation, Foundation or Cooperation. “We just can’t deny about this fact. On the legal side, it could be a challenge for the Press Council to settle the dispute if it was involved those who run the journalistic activities but have no connection with authorized Press Company,” said Mambor. (Alexander Loen/rom)

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