Presidential Decree “Killing” Fishermen in Papua


Sorong, Jubi – Thousands of fishermen in Sorong, Papua rallied to protest a presidential decree regulating the supply and retail price of fuel.

The protestors demanded the return of subsidized fuel for fishing vessels over 30 GT especially tuna vessels Huhate Pole and Line.

Pertamina should provide a reasonable price and do not turn off fishing. And They hoped that legislators t and the municipal government must find a solution for traditional fishermen.
“Fishermen have contributed to development of the city through the payment of taxes, the fish caught that are consumed by all citizens. If our aspiration is not heard, we, fishermen will occupy Pertamina office and legislative Council with a larger mass so that all parties know how miserable fishermen, “Hasan Suneth said in a speech.

Chairman deputy I of Sorong City Legislative Council Peter Fatlolon, accompanied by a number of other Council members said, the action that was taken by the fishermen was appropriate. He hoped they would maintain security so that the community activities could run well.

Initially Peter Fatlolon asked protesters to go home but because the protesters refused to move from the legislative office so the councilors then held a closed meeting to discuss it.


From the results of the meeting, it was decided the price of diesel fuel for fishermen reduced to Rp 500 per liter. Next, we will form consisting related parties to resolve the problems. (Nees Makuba/Tina)

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