The church leaders wile held press conference after the meeting - Jubi

Presidential Chief Advisor Meets Leaders of Church in Papua


[/media-credit] The church leaders wile held press conference after the meeting – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – The head of Presidential Affairs Staff, Luhut Panjaitan, met four leaders of the church synod in Argapura, Papua on Wednesday (5/08/2015) to discuss the incident of Tolikara that occurred on July 17.

“The civilization of Papuans in spiritual building, education, health, economy and infrastructure was actually established by missionary that ultimately gives the growth in human resources for the Papuan people for years,” Albert Yoku said after the meeting.

However, when government took over the region that has been built by missionary, it implemented its own policy and it is contrary to what is already there.
“The government brought its own culture, religion, and its own interests and do not collaborate with local religious leaders. Government also does not support all activities such as social, economic, health and church activities that have been done in Papua including Tolikara,” he added.

Especially for Tolikara incident, GIDI and NU FKUB agreed to not carry this case through the legal process, according to him.
“We conveyed to the presidential staff that all legal proceedings against the four leaders of GIDI must be in accordance to an agreement on July 29. We’ve written a letter to the Police for investigation and requested suspension of two people in custody, of church leaders of GIDI. We hope the government will give space to those who have agreed to sit down to talk, “he added.


Meanwhile President of GIDI, Dorman Wandikbo said, the chronology of Tolikara incident has been made. It was signed, and handed over to President Jokowi through Luhut Panjaitan

The church leaders are Albert Yoku (head of GKI Synod in Papua), Benny Giay ( head of Kingmi Synod), Socratez Sofian Yoman ( head of Baptist Synod) and Dorman Wandikbo (President of GIDI). (Arjuna Pademme)

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