Acting Dogiyai Regent Herman Auwe (center) - Jubi

President Urged to Visit Dogiyai Resident

Acting Dogiyai Regent Herman Auwe (center) - Jubi

Acting Dogiyai Regent Herman Auwe (center) – Jubi

Dogiyai – Acting Dogiyai Regent Herman Auwe ugrged President Joko Widodo to visit Meepago customary area, in particular Dogiyai, to meet people who have voted for him in the 2014 election.

Auwe’s message was conveyed to a delegation led by Minister of Trade Thomas Lembong during their visit to Dogiyai on last week.

“Please tell the president to visit Meepago area, in particular Dogiyai, once a while as Dogiyai people gave hundred percent contribution in voting for him,” he said. The minister and delegates arrived at Moanemani Airport, Dogiyai at 11:34 Papua time and directly visited Pasar Baru where located at Kali Tokapo, Ekenomani and Kopi P5, Kimupugi, Moanemani.

After visiting the traditional market, they went to Dogiyai Regency Hall for conducting dialogue and launching ‘Dengan Bangga Menyeduh Kopi Papua Sebagai Bagian dari “Gerakan Papua Bekerja dan Unggul / Brewing Papuan Coffee with Pride as part of “Work and Excellent Papua Movement” Program.


In his speech, Auwe explained Arabica Coffee is one of top crops in Meepago area, in particular Dogiyai. Moanemani coffee has been well-known nationally and internationally for a long time.

Meanwhile, Lembong said the president has special engagement and affection with Papuan people, including those in Dogiyai.

“The president is fully appreciated and attention to Papua, especially in Dogiyai. Therefore, he is seriously concerned on economic issue,” he said.

He acknowledged that Papuan Coffee has gained appreciation at home and abroad, therefore it would be a focus of Trading Ministry. “I think the acting regent was right, therefore we must serious in handling this. We will follow up this in the real work as expected by the people,” he said. (Agus Tebai/rom)

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