President of Gereja Injil in Indonesia, Dorman Wanikbo (Jubi)

President of GIDI Regrets the Action of Indonesian Army/Police in Puncak Jaya

President of Gereja Injil in Indonesia, Dorman Wanikbo (Jubi)

President of Gereja Injil in Indonesia, Dorman Wanikbo (Jubi)

Jayapura, 30/1 (Jubi) – President of Gereja Injil in Indonesia, Dorman Wanikbo, deeply regrets the actions of the Indonesian Army/Police towards the member of his congregation. Especially when the security forces sweeping the area in Puncak Jaya after the seizing of eight guns belong to the police officers at Kulirik Sub-district, Puncak Jaya, Papua.

“I was regret about the incident occurred on Sunday (26/1). When people came to worship and suddenly the army came to stop and order them to go out of church. Everybody was panic. In panic, one by one, they crawled from the church,” Dorman said to at the Central Office of GIDI, Sentani, Jayapura District, Papua, Thursday (30/1)
According to Dorman, the action of the army proved that the State does not give any respect to the Church and its leader as well. “They disobey the Church, not longer respect to the Church Leader, while the Bible came first in Papua,” he said.
If the military personnel respect to the Church, he added, they should be acted in the right way, address their need clearly, but their actions were not clear and wrong. “People who seized the weapon were run to a well-define direction. Why did they (army/police) in the church? For what purpose?” Wandikbo asked.
He said if the army/police want to seek the information, to know the truth, where are the perpetrators, they should come and wear the casual clothes not uniform. They can directly ask the community or the religious leader.
“It is a good ethics. Why people are victimized? This method would never solve the problem. They always acted like that since long time until now. They look Papuans as a savage,” he added.
If want to solve the problem, to withdraw eight weapons, according to Dorman, the army/police chiefs must conduct a negotiation with the local government.
“Give times to the local government. The government invites the Church and Customary leaders and the community. If this method was not success, until we face the deadlock, the Army could take over,” he said.
Further he said all the process was not work out, the Indonesian Army/Police just take the immediate action.
“Did not talk to the Church, government or the customary leaders. They just took the action. The army and police do not care to Papua. They considered Papuans as a savage,” he said.
Previously, the resident of Puncak Jaya named Ely Tabuni said to that the soldiers tortured some member of Church in Kulirik. He told about the violation persecuted by the soldiers to the people who are worshipping in the Church Dondobaga, Kulirik, around 08.00 Papua time.
“At that time, they were raided the citizens in the church suspected the member of Papua Freedom Movement. Some soldiers was hit and expel the citizens who did not accept the disturbance while worshipping. Luckily there are officers who managed to stop the violence,” he said, Monday (27/1).

Ely added that soldiers then arrested two people, Tenius Telenggen and Tigabur Enumbi, in the church to be taken to the local police station. (Jubi/Mawel/P. Mazier)

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