President Hopes Minimi Model Can Be Used in Papua

Din Minimi -

Din Minimi –

Jakarta, Jubi – President Joko Widodo said he hoped the settlement of the armed conflict in Aceh by giving amnesty to Din Minimi can be adopted in Poso and Papua.

“I urge Minister for Politics to coordinate to solve problems in the field and immediately decide the necessary steps,” President Jokowi said in a closed meeting to discuss the legal issues of security and human rights at the Presidential Office in Jakarta on Tuesday (5/1/2015).

President expressed his gratitude for the hard work of State Intelligence Agency (BIN), the military and police in solving the Din Minimi problem in Aceh.

“We will grant amnesty, we also have to look at human rights. Basically, we will grant amnesty,” he added.


On that occasion, the President asked the Attorney General to resolve the legacy of past human rights issues. “This must be resolved and will be immediately processed,” he said.

He also expressed his appreciation to all ranks of the police, TNI, BIN for the hard working to secure Christmas and New Year last week.

“All the people in Indonesia need a sense of security, including the people of Papua, Poso and Aceh,” he stated.

According to him, the State through the security forces must be present to provide security for its citizens.

“In the face of terrorism, radicalism, the government applies two approaches, hard or soft and firm approaches. We can use both, “he said.

According to himt, the government can use dialogical approach including face armed groups in Aceh, Papua, and Poso.

“Once again I would like to thank you in solving the problem in Aceh,” said President Jokowi. (*)

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