The process of legalization diploma in Jayapura (Jubi)


The process of legalization diploma in Jayapura (Jubi)

The process of legalization diploma in Jayapura (Jubi)

Jayapura, 16/1 ( Jubi ) – There is still widespread use of the shortcut or shortcut by purchasing fake diplomas , making Jayapura Mayor, Benhur Tomi Mano asked the agencies to looking for fake diplomas seller network to be processed judicially.

“Regarding of the fake diploma, I heard it via cellphone message. If it is caught, should be processed legally.” said Benhur Tommy Mano to, after attending Technical Guidance of Surgery Questions and SKL Analysis of high school academic year 2013/2014 at Multipurpose Hall of Jayapura Municipality, Thursday ( 16/1).

When confirmed , the Head of Education Department of Jayapura Municipality, Robert J. Betaubun confirmed the rumors of fake diplomas in Jayapura.Therefore, we as institution make rules prohibiting this legalizing process done at Department of Education and must be legalized at school institution level.
“If for elementary school ( SD}, should go back to the school where he/ she was also similar to the level of middle – high school and vocational schools, he/ she must return to the home school .This is to avoid duplication.” said Betaubun.

Further, he added that for those who graduated from the school outside the city of Jayapura should legalize diplomas to the Provincial Education Department , because all serial numbers of diplomas will be known and identified by the province as well as blank diploma from the province . When asked about there is a oknum ( unscrupulous person ) in the Department of Education who get involved of this game issuing fake diplomas, he ignores and does not want to assume who is the oknum because today’s technology is developing so rapidly that we as an institution are not able to guess a fake diploma maker .
“Yes, such as scanning , I myself experienced got a blank diploma certification to sign for student that I did not recognize. I then crosschecked and found that this unknown student was gone. I also found that this diploma’certification belongs to his brother. This case occurred when I was a principle of SMA PGRI.” added Betaubun.


During his time as Head of the Department of Education, Betaubun acknowledged that there are 4 fake diploma certifications found. And the unscrupulous owner of a fake diploma has never come back again.
“The diplomas are high -junior schools. So after suspected by the field officer who wants to legalize, the field officer found that the oknum do not come back again.“ said Betaubun. (Jubi/Sindung/Tina)

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