PPM and ANJ Agri Papua Cheated on Public


Sorong, Jubi – The Iwaro Youth and Student Association said two companies operating in Sorong Selatan, PT. Permata Papua Mandiri (PPM) and PT. ANJ Agri Papua have lied to the public.

Asscoation coordintor Ferry Onim said the documents of two companies are not legal since it was said 13 Iwaro people signed their documents after the Notary in Bogor. “It is said 13 people were in Bogor when signing sign the agreement with two companies. Among the thirteen, there is Hendrik Gue who mentioned in the documents and recorded was 32 years old at that time meanwhile he is just at his twenties. He is the elected Iwaro tribe Chief’s grandson. His uncle is older than him, so why could he become older than his uncle in the documents?” Ferry Onim told Jubi at the Sorong District Court on Thursday (24/4/2015).

According to him if both companies have good intention to build and develop Papua, they must be refer to the law, including providing legal document and obvious company permit.
“We even don’t know what kind of permit they have. It is said they have permit of oil palm industry, but why they must explore the oil spring in that area,” said Onim. He expected the police and legal authorities to process this case.

As reported earlier, both companies worked in the oil palm and sago processing have been protested by people and Iwaro youths because they thought the companies have cheated.

Meanwhile, in responding the students’ demand, the representative of PT. ANJ Group, Kurniawan Eko declined to show the company’s document related to its secrecy. “Who are they? They aren’t the investigators or the legal authorities, so we don’t have to show our secret document! The certain is the local government and stakeholder have authorized that our company is legal,” Eko said by phone last night.


He further said the company has fulfilled its responsibility to pay penalty as specified. “I think the penalty was already clear, because the company has done all payment, it’s not our business if the money was not delivered to each person,” he said and admitted the company still open to sit together with related parties to discuss this issue.

In the separate place, the Sorong Selatan Police Chief Alexander Low appealed to the students, tenure owners and the company to maintain security situation at both company area and Sorong Selatan in general. “We want all parties to nicely talk and discuss for not disturbing the security,” said the Chief. He admitted the police is ready to help securing the location if the tenure owners, students, local government and company’s representatives to meet at the company’s area. (Nees Makuba/rom)

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