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Poumako Port Has Potential to be Major International Port

Port of Poumako in Timika - panoramio.com

Port of Poumako in Timika – panoramio.com

Timika, Jubi – Timika’s Poumako region can be developed as an international port similar to the Port of Kakinada and Bombay in India, said the president director of PT Jaldhi Marine Services of Bothra Group, Valkyn Clive Dmello.

“Timika is very suitable for an international port. We are very interested in investing in Papua, especially in this area,” Dmello said in Timika on Tuesday (05/19/2015).

He said Poumako port located on the edge of the river flowing into the Arafura Sea would not be a barrier for cargo and passenger ships.

The depth of waters is about 9.6 meters which was almost equal to the depth of the sea in the port of Bombay in 20 years ago.
“About 20 years ago, the depth of the water in the port of Bombay was only about 9-10 meters. But now it reaches 17 meters due to continued dredging. Bombay port is the largest port in western India and now the busiest port in Indian where there is a lot of investment coming in there, “he added.


Mimika Regent Eltinus Omaleng, invited Valklyn Clive Dmello with a colleague to see Poumako port area in East Mimika.
“We immediately returned to India to discuss the project plan to our leader. We will prepare everything within one month. This business is with the government, so we need full support from Mimika regent, ” he stated.

According to him, the cooperation requires an investment of around Rp 500 billion to more than Rp 1 trillion.

PT Jaldhi Marine Services has four years of operation in Indonesia and has an official representative office in Jakarta. The company has experience in building investment in the port of fertilizer, coal, oil, container, warehousing and others not only in India but also in other countries such as South Africa, and the United States.

One of the major port of the company ever built in India, namely the Port of Kakinada. The company also has a branch in Singapore, China, and is also working on a similar project in Jambi province.

“The region in Kakinada is almost similar to Timika. Once Kakinada was a small town without any major port. But after the port built, the economy there is growing very fast. Timika has its potential, so we are interested to invest in Papua, especially in that area, “he added.

Mimika regent Eltinus Omaleng responded positively on this project plan.”We’ve got the location and will welcome them to invest in Timika. We hope it will be taken seriously and immediately to run this project in Timika, ” Omaleng stated.

He then asserted that Poumako port area is one of the important port and most populous in the southern region of Papua that should be developed into an international port. Because, all the basic necessities communities in the interior of Papua supplied from Poumako port
“Mimika is central to inland port in Papua, where 15 neighboring regencies like Asmat, Yahukimo, Nduga, Intan Jaya, Puncak, Puncak Jaya, Paniai, Deiyai, Dogiyai, and others supply all the basic necessities communities from Timika, “Omaleng added. (*/Tina)

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