Post Tolikara Incident Tolikara, Police Chief Replaced



Jayapura, Jubi – Tolikara police chief AKBP Soeroso has been replaced by AKBP Musa Korwa.

The ceremony was held in the Hall of Rastra Samara Papua Police on Monday (27/7/2015).

However Papua Police chief deputy, Brigadier General (Pol) Rudolf Albert Rodja who led the ceremony stated the replacement of Tolikara chief had no connection with the Tolikara incident. He said, it is a routine agenda in the police.
“Tolikara chief didn’t do anything wrong. He has worked well. He is now promoted to a better position at the Regional Supervisory Inspectorate Papua . We appreciate what he has done in managing the stability and securiity when he served as Tolikara chief, ” he stated.

According to him, position as Inspector of Operations at Regional Supervisory Inspectorate Papua (Papua Itwasda Irbid Ops) is a steady positions that can only be occupied by people who had served as police chief.


While head of Public Relations of Papua Police Commissioner (Pol) Patrige said, AKBP Soeroso recorded served as police chief in Tolikara since September 2014 or it has been already one year or more. (Arjuna Pademme/ Tina)

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