Population of Indigenous Papuans in Merauke Drops to 40 Percent


Merauke, Jubi- Indigenous Papuans make up only  40 percent of the total population in Merauke, Regent Romanus Mbaraka said.

The rest of the population are migrants from various regions, making Merauke  very heterogeneous and competitive, Mbaraka said.
“I sometimes pray and ask God if there are shortcuts to the people of Papua to from time to time continue to grow as people in transmigration sites,” he said.

To improve the competitiveness of human resources (HR) of indigenous people, various programs havebeen introduced, including sending children to continue their studies in Germany and several other universities in Java in order to take the medical school, but of course it takes a little longer.
“What we need now is how to provide encouragement or motivation to the indigenous people of Papua from time to time to continuously grow, especially in terms of economic income families. The government should be able to develop programs at the same time to learn about the skills outside so it would be applicable when they go home, “he said.

The head of Planning Agency of Merauke, Daswil added the various programs run by the government under the leadership of Romanus Mbaraka-Sunarjo include disbursing hundreds of millions to the villages every year.

He said he hoped people would  be able to manage available funds for various development activities. (Frans L Kobun/Tina)


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