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Poor Services for Patients with Leprosy

A patients with leprosy in Mumugu Village - Jubi

A patients with leprosy in Mumugu Village – Alfian/Kompas.com

Timika, Jubi – Health care services to hundreds of patients with leprosy in Kampung Mumugu, Sawaerma district, Asmat, Papua, remain poor because staff are rarely at work, a pastor said.

Pastor Hendrik Hada Pr, acting head of Alfons Sowada Agats foundation that treats lepers in Kampung Mumugu in Timika, on Monday (7/09/2015) said that leprosy cases were found around 2004. Asmat regency sent a number of health workers in the Sawaerma district when the local government opened health services in the district in order to monitor and treat patients with leprosy.

The number then was growing when former Health Minister Nafsiah Mboi visited Mumugu at the end of 2013. Sadly, he said, one by one left Mumugu.
“It’s been the last few months, none of the health workers in the health centers, “he added.

Former chairman of the Secretariat of Justice and Peace of the Diocese of Agats said it has requested additional nurses and doctors to local health department and provincial health department for the service program of leprosy patients in Mumugu, yet the request was not responded.


Until now, he said, the Foundation has five medics to serve about 165 lepers in Mumugu, where four of whom are nuns of the Congregation of Princess Reinha Rosary (PRR), based in Lebao, East Flores, NTT.

They are in turn provide health care services and assistance to hundreds of lepers who live in the village. According to him, the major obstacles faced are the lack of means of transportation and geographical conditions that are difficult.

He added the location can only be reached by using a motor boat transportation for hour.
“Everything is transported by boat both foodstuffs, medicines and medical personnel. When the river is dry, transportation will be jammed, “he said.

Agats Bishop Mgr Aloysius OFM Murwito some time ago said the nuns of the congregation PRR have particular expertise in dealing with patients with leprosy. The reason, they have experience in dealing with leprosy patients in a number of areas in NTT as Lembata and East. (*/ Tina)

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