Filep Karma and Persipura FC - Jubi

Politics in Papua Remains Unchanged, Filep Karma Says

Filep Karma and Persipura FC - Jubi

Filep Karma and Persipura FC – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – Filep Karma, a political prisoner in Papua, said he rejected clemency from President Joko Widodo because there has been no political change in Papua.

“Clemency, amnesty, or anything that is offered to me, I refused. I go to jail so that there is a deterrent effect to the government that have done wrong by arresting people. But if there is no political change in Papua, why should I get out? Let me stay in prison until my sentence is served,” Karma said on Wednesday (06/10/2015).

Karma said he also rejected sentence reductions which are given annually to prisoners who show good behavior.
“The reason is remissions are given to those who show good behavior. The question is did I misbehave when I was in society?” he asked..

He added, it is not all about behaving well. He was arrested for fighting for what he believes is right.
“I’m a good guy and I know what I am fighting for is right. And for this I was sent to the prison,” he said.


One of the political prisoners who got clemency, Linus Hiel Hiluka on one occasion said he and four colleagues have never asked for, nor pleading for clemency to the government.
“We never asked for. Clemency was pure granted by president Jokowi. President said that the granting of pardon was an initiative of me (president). The President also apologized for what was done to our forces during the last 12 years, ” Hiluka stated on Sunday (10/05/2015). (Arjuna Pademme/ Tina)

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